My 12 Year Blogging Anniversary

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I recently realized that as of March 3rd I have been blogging here on My ADD / ADHD blog for 12 years!  Wow! That’s a long time!

Thank you to all my blog readers who keep reading and commenting on my blog posts!

I’m also honored to have received several blog awards over the years. My blog has been recognized by Heathline, Psych Central and ADDerWorld.

Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot “behind the scenes” work with my blog. I transferred it to different a blogging platform and have been revamping the blog itself.

Now that I’m in my 13th year of blogging I’m ready to get back to providing great resources and content to my blog readers. I look forward to writing more ADD / ADHD blogs posts and reading your comments.

Thank you again!!

Tara McGillicuddy


ADHD Productivity Tip: Stop Trying to Catch Up

Did you catch the episode of CrusherTV last night called Stop Trying to Catch Up? Guess who was the featured expert? It was me!!

Hosted by productivity coach Alan Brown, CrusherTV takes an informative and entertaining approach to improving productivity and quality-of-life for busy people. I joined Alan in providing interesting ways to get more stuff done in less time and with less stress.

CrusherTV is paid membership site but  Alan Brown gave me special permission to post the full episode Stop Trying to Catch Up right here on my blog. You can watch it right here but make sure you check out CrusherTVIt’s only $1 to try out!

Visit CrusherTV

The Best Type of Schedule and Structure for ADHD

What’s the best type of Schedule and Structure for adults with ADD / ADHD?

Unfortunately, there’s not a one size fits all approach when comes to Schedules and Structure when you have ADD / ADHD. Some people with ADD / ADHD benefit greatly from a very rigid and detailed schedule. Some people with ADD / ADHD benefit from very little structure and a go with the flow type of schedule (or lack of). Then there are people who call somewhere in between the 2.

I created video about Structure and Schedules for Adults with ADD / ADHD. It’s on my  ADHD Youtube Channel along with other short video tips from me. I’ve also added some select ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast episodes to my Youtube channel.

Be sure to subscribe to my ADHD Youtube Channel! I will be adding new videos on a regular basis. I will be adding more video tips and more ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast episodes. I will also be creating videos answering questions from ADHD Support Talk Advisor Members.

ADHD and Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique

Are you stressed out? Join the the club! I just recently heard that we are the most stressed out in the United States than we've been in any other point in time. That's the general population too. As we know when we have ADD / ADHD we are more prone stress and overwhelm than the average person.

Since it's very likely we are even more stressed out than others, it's even more important to reduce the stress and overwhelm in our lives. As I often discuss Self-Care which includes: Sleeping, Healthy Eating, and Exercise is essential to reduce stress. So, part of the reason I'm writing today is to remind you and help you become more aware and mindful of the importance of effective self-care in your life right now.

TappingI'm also writing share a great resource that can help you reduce the stress and overwhelm in your life. It's the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit. It's a FREE 11 Day Online Event focusing on Tapping also known at the Emotional Freedom Technique. Not only is the event free but Tapping is also an easy, convenient, no cost technique.

I do apologize because I'm letting you know about the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit on day 3 of the 11 day event. I started listening to it myself yesterday and as I was listening today I realized that Tapping could help many people with ADD / ADHD.

Don't worry! There's still plenty of great content to listen to over the next week!

I highly recommend checking out The Tapping World Summit.

Motivation, Willpower and Mood

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Feb2017-radioIt's been a great few weeks on ADHD Support Talk Radio. I was joined by 3 awesome ADHD guest Experts and we had 3 shows with interesting and helpful topics. If you haven't listened yet (or would like to listen again) you can listen by clicking the links below or by subscribing to ADHD Support Talk Radio as a podcast on iTunes.


Thank you to my expert guests and to all my listeners!

If you have found ADHD Support Talk Radio helpful please leave a review on iTunes. Doing so will help more people find ADHD Support Talk Radio which will help more people with ADD / ADHD lead happier and more productive lives

I have some great guests and topics coming up in in the next month! Be sure to Subscribe to ADHD Support Talk Radio as a podcast on iTunes so you can listen to all the upcoming shows.

ADHD Women’s Palooza

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Want to be part of changing the way the world looks at women with ADHD? You can! My colleagues, Linda Roggli and Terry Matlen, have developed a ground-breaking online event and you are invited!  

The Second Annual ADHD Women’s Palooza begins February 6th, and runs through February 11, 2017. It will be an extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for women with ADHD, presented by 36 ADHD Legends and Luminaries including: Dr. Ned Hallowell, Sari Solden, Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Thomas E. Brown, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, and many more…


Get to Sleep!

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How are you sleeping? If you are watching the news or on social media right before bed you probably aren't sleeping as well as you could be. Sleeping one of the most important parts of effective self-care. As a person with ADD / ADHD getting enough sleep is vitally important.

Getting the right amount of sleep and the right type of sleep improves your focus, productivity and your mood. When you do not get enough sleep or the right type of sleep not only does it make those things worse it can also make you sick. When you have ADD / ADHD sleep can often be one of those things that we put low on our list of priorities.

Sometimes just being reminded about how important sleep is by somebody like me can be enough to help some people become more aware and more mindful of sleeping. From there many people can begin to get more sleep by improving sleep hygiene and getting back on their sleeping routines.

Some people need to go a bit further and take a look at what might be getting in the way of sleeping. If you are one of those people, I've got some great news or you. I was joined this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio by Jonathan Carroll and we talked about many of the things people with ADD / ADHD were doing that were interfering with sleep.

Click here to listen on iTunes.

Click here to listen on the the web.

What's been getting in the way of you getting enough sleep? 

Post a comment and let us know!

Prioritizing, Goals and Productivity Support for 2017

Happy 2017 everybody! It's been a busy and productive week for me but I want to make sure I update my blog. I'll use this blog post to share some resources that can help you be successful in 2017.

  • FREE Webinar with Bonnie Mincu - The Real ABC’s of Prioritizing – Anticipation, Blocks, & Consequences – 1/10 at 9:00 pm EST (includes a 1 week FREE replay)

Stop and Focus on Your Top 16 of 2016

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Top16Can you believe 2016 is finally coming to and end? I know it's a been a crazy year! Before we say good-bye to 2016, I have a challenge for you.

  1. Stop and Close Your Eyes 
  2. Put Your Hand over your Heart
  3. Take 3 slow deep breaths in and out
  4. Think about one of your Top Moments of 2016.

Great!! I'm going to challenge you even more! I challenge you to make a list of your Top 16 of 2016. This list can include anything like:

  • Your accomplishments
  • People who made a difference
  • An event that improved your life
  • A song that brought you joy
  • A Book that inspired you

It's important to either put this list in writing or record it on a voice recorder. Get it out of your head!

I will be joining you in this challenge too! When I have completed my Top 16 of 2016, I will leave a comment here.

Feel free to post a comment here when you have completed yours. 

Tara McGillicuddy

FREE Help and Support for ADD / ADHD

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Simbi-adhdIf you listened to my Webinar "How to Find the Right Help and Support for ADD/ ADHD" you heard me mention Simbi

On Simbi, you can exchange services with other members or offer to “pay” them for their time using your credits “Simbi currency symbol”.

Simbi is a great resource to offer and find services like:

  • Peer Coaching
  • Virtual Body Doubles
  • Accountability Partners
  • Wake up calls
  • Reminders 

Check it out!! If you are an adult with ADD / ADHD who has found help on Simbi please comment and let me know.