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Attention Deficit Disorder and Help Falling Asleep

Falling asleep can be a real challenge for many people with Attention Deficit Disorder. There are just so many thoughts going through the mind of a person with ADD. Sometimes we need help slowing those thoughts down before we can actually get to sleep. Some people have found their own… Read more »

When Too Much Isn’t Enough: Ending the Destructive Cycle of AD/HD and Addictive Behavior

Wendy Richardson once again writes an informative and helpful book about AD/HD and addiction. This book delves deep into addictive behaviors that many adults with ADD face. This book isn’t just about well known addictions like drugs and gambling. It discusses every day things like shopping, food, and the internet…. Read more »

Tom Cruise

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I have wanted to comment about Tom Cruise and his whole anti-med thing. However I have yet to find wording that sounds professional enough for me as an ADD Coach to post here. Today I came ac cross a blog entry called Dear Tom Cruise…. and I think this says… Read more »