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Spreading ADD / ADHD Awareness

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This past Tuesday evening Patricia Quinn, M.D. led an excellent teleclass about ADHD and Eating Disorders through Towards the end of the call Dr Quinn took questions from participants of the teleclass. One of the teleclass participants was frustrated because the doctor she had taken her daughter to didn’t… Read more »

Hate ADHD Women

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I was just checking my blog stats again and came across another interesting search term. Okay, this term isn’t as interesting as ADHD Penis or Adult ADD and Porn but it caught my eye. Somebody found my blog post I Hate Reading Directions by searching for the term hate adhd… Read more »

ADHD Penis

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I try to take a look at my the stats for my blogs on daily basis. Usually I don’t find anything too surprising. Most people are searching for typical ADD / ADHD related stuff. Yesterday I noticed that somebody found Your ADD / ADHD News using the search terms "ADHD… Read more »