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I try to take a look at my the stats for my blogs on daily basis. Usually I don’t find anything too surprising. Most people are searching for typical ADD / ADHD related stuff. Yesterday I noticed that somebody found Your ADD / ADHD News using the search terms "ADHD Penis". Your ADD / ADHD News came up number 2 in Google for "ADHD Penis" because there were a few spam comments which hadn’t been removed yet for some Penis enlargement products.

I am one of those people who needs to know "the why" of things. I am really curious why somebody was using the search term "ADHD Penis". So it’s only natural that I would write a blog entry about this. If you found this blog entry because you searched for "ADHD Penis" could you leave a comment telling why you are using these terms together? I just have to know!!!

31 thoughts on “ADHD Penis

  1. Philip Stout

    Though I can’t say for sure, I would assume that someone searching the “ADHD Penis” term would have done so in hopes of finding some correlation between either the disorder itself, or maybe medication taken for adhd and either ones affect on one’s penis size, shape, etc. Then again, it is a little strange… maybe a typo?

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    TITLE: Penis Size and ADHD
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