Exercise and ADHD Coach Talk

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Those of you who listened to ADHD Coach Talk earlier today heard Diane Ladd Coaching me about exercising! During the live ADHD Coach Talk Radio Show I committed to exercising right after ADHD Coach Talk ended.

I also said that I would write a blog post to let all the listeners know! I am happy to say that I did exercise right after ADHD Coach Talk ended. Diane, Linda and I actually were actually on the phone while I was exercising.

2 thoughts on “Exercise and ADHD Coach Talk

  1. Don K Potochny

    Exercise has definitely mitigated my stronger ADHD symptoms.

    I was always on the go as a child, and the physical exuberance parlayed into a more relaxed mental state. I focused better in the classroom and the leg tapping ceased to be a problem.

    About ten years ago, I committed to a regular exercise routine. The routine has ostensibly improved my attention and diminished my hyperactivity. Exercise has been proven to help other mental conditions. Why should ADHD be any different?



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