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Clock As an ADHD Coach I'm often asked what I think the best time management tools are. I really love technology and love trying out different gadgets and online tools. However, I think one of the most important time management tools is an analog clock.

Digital clocks do a great job of telling what time it is. In addition to telling the time analog clocks help us see how much time has gone by and how much time is left. An analog clock helps make time somewhat of a concrete concept too.

My Time Management Tip: Put a simple analog clock in a place where you will be forced to see it and practice looking at through out the day.

7 thoughts on “Time Management Tool – Analog Clock

  1. ADHD Mom

    That is really a great tip. I’ve found this helps with my son when we are waiting or going somewhere and he is restless. Though it’s getting harder and harder to find a “real” clock anymore!

  2. jade smith

    I must agree, the best time to work on your hardest tasks, is in your freshest times. For me personally, If I do not start working on tasks in the morning, by the afternoon, I am usually burnt out & easily distracted. Get to know your peak times, be it early in the day, or perhaps you are an afternoon or evening person. Make the most of these times. Also, I find that making a list is the best way to get work done.


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