Are You Keeping up?

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We are more than a week into 2010 and like many people I have some goals for the new year. I don't really make "Resolutions" anymore (you can read more about my thoughts on New Years Resolutions over on ADHD Allies) but I use the new year to come up with new goals and reevaluate previous goals. One of my goals this year is to practice being more positive

I don't think I'm really a negative person but I can sometimes get sucked into focusing too much on negative things. These negative things can be stimulating to my brain too and can take me away from the things I really want and need to be doing. 

I have to tell you – Practicing Positivity has been really challenging for me this week!! It's been really hard not telling people off and moving away from negative thoughts. 

So what about you? If you set new goals or made New Years Resolutions how are you doing with yours? 

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