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Kate2Last night the ADD / ADHD Community lost an amazing member of our community. Kate Kelly was a leader and pioneer in the Adult ADD / ADHD Community. Back in 1993 Kate Kelly along with her best friend Peggy Ramundo wrote the ground breaking book "You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!". This was the first book written about adult ADD / ADHD and really helped the world begin to understand Adult ADD / ADHD.

Kate left this world making it a better place and is going to be missed by many. Her legacy and her spirit will most definitely live on.

3 thoughts on “Kate Kelly

  1. Nancylynn Lockman

    Thank God for all Kate taught and gave me and so so so many more. May she rest in peace among the blessings she has earned. I met Kate at an ADDA conference after ADDForum on CIS oh so many years ago and shared her wisdom and knowledge everywhere I went. She was a star.

  2. richardwilsonavena@gmail.com

    Hello! I recently bought the “You mean Im not..” book and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have adult ADD and wanted to ask a question. I play and write music, but I have always had an extremely difficult time performing live. I always dwell on people liking the music and this eventually keeps me from performing live. I would love to be able to play live while focusing on the music and performance rather than how people are perceiving me. Can you offer any advice?? Thank you!!!


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