Medication, Motivation, Technology and Organizing


Fiverrpodcastadhd001It's been a busy few months for me over at ADHD Support Talk Radio. I had some excellent guests on the show. We discussed some very interesting, informative and helpful topics. If you missed any of the shows, you can listen on the show archives page or you can subscribe on iTunes

Here are the highlights of the past 3 months:

  • Dana Rayburn and I discussed some of the challenges related to disorganization and Adult ADD / ADHD.
  • Dr. Roberto Olivardia and I had an educational and information talk about Exercising when you have Adult ADD / ADHD
  • Dr. Ari Tuckman came on for a 2 part discussion about some of the fears, myths and issues connected to Adult ADD / ADHD and Medication.
  • Margit Crane joined me to talk about the challenges related to Motivation and Adult ADD / ADHD.
  • Eric Tivers joined me the this past week to discuss email overwhelm and Adult ADD / ADHD.

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