I Can’t Meditate

There's been so much out there lately about how great meditation is for everybody. There's also research showing it's helpful for ADD / ADHD too. That's all great but far too many adults with ADD / ADHD think that they can't meditate. 

This is a false belief! Anybody can meditate even somebody with ADD / ADHD. It's okay if your mind wanders! Just go with that!

Many of us with ADD / ADHD are complicating meditation way too much. To start out all you need to do to meditate is breath deeply for a few minutes! Yes, it really is THAT simple

Do you meditate? Are you interested in meditation?

I have some great news for you! I just started a FREE Online ADD / ADHD Meditation Group over at Living with ADD. In the ADD / ADHD Meditation Group you can share meditation resources, succes stories and support. 

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