ADHD Fidget Toy Controversy

Last week I made a Youtube video about Fidget Toys and ADHD. From years of research, including reading books like Fidget to Focus by Sarah Wright and Roland Rotz, I know that Fidgeting can really benefit Children and Adults with ADD / ADHD. I do believe that most of the fidget toys out there DO help those with ADD / ADHD Focus better. However, these toys are not appropriate for all situations or all environments.

As people with ADHD, having social skills and understanding what is socially acceptable are both extremely important. Not all strategies and accommodations for ADHD are acceptable in all situations. For example my friend and fellow ADHD Coach Becca Colao finds that she focuses better while reading when she is upside down. This is great strategy for her to use when she is at home on her bed or couch. This strategy would not be appropriate to use in meetings or while riding on a train.

Some of the Fidget Toys out there are safe, quiet, and socially acceptable. Some of them out there are distracting, dangerous and annoying to other people. Just like hanging upside down while reading isn’t acceptable in all situations, Fidget Toys are not acceptable in all situations. Like I said in my video, use common sense when comes to the use of Fidget Toys or any accommodation or tool.

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