Register Pre-Paid Credit Cards

If you have been reading my blog for a while now then you know that I highly recommend pre-paid credit cards for Adult with ADHD who shop online. They are great alternative to regular credit cards or bank debit cards. They can be purchased at banks and various types of stores. There is one thing…

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Adult ADHD Community

Those of you who have not been to ADDer World yet should check it out and become a member. It’s a great online community for those with Adult ADHD. ADDer World is pretty new but it’s becoming more and more active. ADDer World has almost of to 500 members now too!

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Automatic Toilet Paper Delivery

A few months ago I was with a group of people who were talking about whether toilet paper should should go under or over on the toilet paper roll. I laughed and said that IF I HAD toilet paper I was very happy and if was on the roll that was just an added bonus…

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Affiliates earn: $1 for each ADD Coaching Club Free Trial sign up then $7 per month $10 for each ADD Audio Library sign up and then $5 per month $10 for each ADD Book Club sign up then $5 per month $20 for each Adult ADD BootCamp sign up $20 for each ADDing FOCUS Program…

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Twitter ADD Friendly?

Are you on Twitter yet? I’ve been asked by quite a few people lately if I think Twitter is ADHD Friendly. My answer is both yes and no! I think it’s ADHD Friendly because the posts are really short. People are forced to make their tweets 140 characters or less. Why do I think Twitter‘s…

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Ready to Get Organized?

Are you ready to get yourself organized? Think about that question! I’m not asking if you want to be organized. Being ready to do something and wanting an end result are not the same thing. There’s a reason the ADD Coaching program Adult ADD Boot Camp: Organized and in Control is named "Boot Camp". It’s…

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Low Cost Long Distance Options

Last fall started offering the option to listen to our live Free Teleseminars over the Internet in addition to the telephone. members have been really happy with this option and our international membership has dramatically increased too. Because our ADD Coaching Programs are small and interactive we don’t offer the webcast option. Participants…

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Featured Instructor Sheri Hall

Over the past few years we have had some excellent instructors leading Teleseminars at Sheri Hall has led several Teleseminars and I’m always amazed at how creative and helpful her classes are. Right now Sheri Hall has over a dozen classes in the ADD Audio Library! The Biology of ADD Introduction to ADD /…

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I love my GPS

On Sunday I volunteered to represent ADDA at the ADHD Road Trip booth at the Boston Health and Fitness Expo. When I first agreed it sounded like a fun idea then it began to hit me how much I hated the city of Boston. I hate driving in Boston because I usually take the wrong…

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Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday was a great and busy day for me. We had the Free ADDing F.O.C.U.S. Teleseminar yesterday at If you missed it you can listen to it and download for free by registering here. I think it’s an excellent class and several participants contacted me already to let me know they really liked it…

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