You have the Power!

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Can you believe it's already September? It's a new month with new energy. I know that I'm sure ready for new energy and positive changes this month. I've been hearing from so many people, especially people with ADD / ADHD, that they have been more stressed and overwhelmed over these past few months than usual.

Sometimes we can't control what life throws at us and stress and overwhelm become the norm in our lives. We often feel powerless when this happens and go even deeper into this heavy feelings. We do have the power to come out of this and improve our own lives even if we can't change some of the circumstances.

Often, making a tiny change in our own lives can make a world of difference. Adjusting and shifting our mindsets just a little bit is one of those changes that can improve our lives. Sometimes we are able to make those shifts on our own.

Many of us need something or somebody outside of ourselves to help us begin those shifts. Who or what may be different for each of us. My intention is that this newsletter acts as a spark to help you with your own shift.

Since it's a new month, my challenge for you is to think about what you want more of in your life this month.

If you accept this challenge, take it a step further and write down these things. When you write them down put them in the present tense as if they are already in your life.

Here are a few examples:

1. I am peaceful and relaxed.
2. I have a clean and organized home.
3. I am having fun and enjoying life.
4. I am healthy and well rested.
5. I am happy and successful.

Keep your list some place easily accessible and refer back to it regularly through out the month of September. Say some of the things on your list out loud. Picture or imagine what it is like to have these things in your life. Practice focusing on these things which you are ready to bring more of into your life.

Good luck! Here's to an awesome September! Let's all make it a great month. 

7th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo

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ExpoFBFWow, I can't believe it's already August and it's been almost a month since my last blog post. I've been super busy planning and working on the 7th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo. I'm getting really excited about it too! It's going to be the best ADHD Awareness Expo yet.

We have great speakers and topics this year. We have many returning speakers and some great first time speakers this year too. Among the new speakers are Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Russell Ramsay, Dr. Kirsten Milliken and Dr. Alan Graham. Dr. Edward Hallowell will be giving a Special Keynote presentation this year.

The FREE Online ADHD Awareness Expo begins on October 2, 2016 and runs until October 8, 2016. Be sure to register now for the 7th Annual ADHD Awareness Expo! 

Enough is Enough

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StopAs most of you know there has been a lot of negativity and violence in the media. I for one am standing up and speaking out that enough is enough. I'm not just talking about the actual violence itself but the media coverage. I'm also talking about people and organizations spreading the fear and negativity online through social media and email. It's not good for anybody especially people with ADD / ADHD to continuously be exposed to negativity and violence. 

If you are joining for me next week's Succeed with ADHD Telesummit you will be able to listen to my presentation Combat Negativity and Thrive with ADD / ADHD. In this presentation you will learn why it's very important for somebody with ADD / ADHD to Combat Negativity. I will also be offering some ways to combat negativity in your own life.

Remember that even if you can't control the crazy things going on in the world you can control your exposure to such things. You can eliminate or reduce the news you watch and pay attention to. You can block or unfollow people on social media who flood your feeds with negativity. You can stop supporting organizations which spread negativity. If it's right for you personally, you can also speak up and tell people enough is enough.  

Being exposed to violence, negativity and traumatic events is damaging to your mind, body and soul and you do not have to put up with it. You are in control! 

Many of us with ADD / ADHD are sensitive and empathetic people who feel the need to make changes and help others. Some people are under the false impression that they must stay informed of world events to in order improve the world or help people. I'm telling you straight out that is not the case! 

Here are some ideas to make the world a better place with out exposing yourself to all the negativity and trauma in the media. 

  • Do a Random Action of Kindness for Somebody
  • Join a Prayer group or Healing Circle
  • Send out positive energy and thoughts to the world
  • Pay it Forward
  • Volunteer for an organization that focuses on improving lives
  • Make a donation to a charity or a family in need
  • Smile at a stranger 

Remember that in order to make the world a better place it's essential to take care of yourself first and practice proper self-care.

Tara McGillicuddy

Looking for an ADD / ADHD Coach?

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I've been getting quite few email inquiries from people looking for ADD / ADHD Coaches lately. I am going to offer some resource recommendations to help people find ADD / ADHD Coaches. 

I offer 2 different ADD / ADHD Coaching programs myself:

I also have 3 great resources featuring many wonderful ADD / ADHD Coaches:

Here are some directories listing ADD / ADHD Coaches:

I hope this helps!

Good luck!

Tara McGillicuddy

Take it off your To-Do List

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Delete-FilesA theme that keeps coming up lately for many of my clients is that they have many items on their to-do list that they are not getting to. To make matters worse they are feeling badly about this and beating themselves up. Many are looking for systems and tools to get everything done. 

Learning new strategies and developing ways to be more productive makes perfect sense. What often makes even more sense to be realistic and truthful about the items on the list. Maybe it’s time to admit those items are not a priority right now and give yourself permission to take them off the list and to feel okay about doing so. 

There are some items that you can just remove and be done with. There may be other items that you can delegate to other people or automate. There will be some that you can come back and reevaluate at a later time. There will be some that can be done with improved systems and strategies

Whether you have an actual written to-do list or just a bunch of tasks, projects and ideas in your head, I challenge you to examine the items. Which ones can you take off? Which ones can you delegate to somebody else? Which ones can you automate? Which ones can you schedule to reevaluate next week or next month?

Remember, our priorities change. What may have been a top priority last year may not even be on the radar as a priority today. If things are not making it to the top of our priority list there are reasons for this. It’s more helpful to better understand why our priorities may have shifted instead of beating ourselves up because they have.

Tara McGillicuddy

Best ADHD Blog of 2016

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2016_badge_list_v2_badge-adhdI'm really excited that my blog was chosen by Healthline as one of the top ADHD Blogs of 2016. Healthline's editors selected each winner based on their reach to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high quality information. I am honored that Healthline has selected my blog as one of the Best 11 ADHD Blogs of 2016

Thank you so much to Healthline!

Be sure to check out the list if the Best 11 ADHD Blogs of 2016 to see the other 10 top ADHD Blogs. There are some great ADD / ADHD Blogs listed there.  

There are blogs about:

  • Women with ADD / ADHD
  • Parenting ADD / ADHD Children
  • ADD / ADHD and Relationships
  • Adult ADD / ADHD
  •  and More…..

Tara McGillicuddy

Monica the Medium ADD / ADHD

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MonicaIn my last blog post The ADHD Psychic Indigo Connection I mentioned that I'm exploring the connection between ADD / ADHD and Indigos. Over the past couple of years I've met several Psychic Mediums and Spirit Mediums and many of them have mentioned that they also have ADD / ADHD or displayed many ADD / ADHD traits.

Some Mediums have let their ADD / ADHD traits be shown to the world by having their own reality tv shows. One of the newer shows out there about a Spirit Medium is Monica the Medium. The premise of the show is that Monica Ten-Kate is a 20 something college student who has trouble leading a normal life because she's a spirit medium who keeps getting bombarded by messages from dead people AND she just has to deliver the messages right at the moment she receives them.

Monica's problems are NOT not a result of her being a spirit medium!

Her problems result from the fact that she is a Spirit Medium who:

  • Has Poor Boundaries
  • Has Poor Social Skills 
  • Struggles with Executive Functions
  • Has Issues with Impulsivity
  • Has Challenges Regulating Emotions
  • Has Poor Time Management Skills
  • Is in her "Own World"

Mediums do have the choice and ability to say no or not now when they receive "a message from spirit". Mediums with Ethics, Boundaries, Respect and Common Sense do not just walk up to strangers on the street, in a store or in a bathroom and ask to give them readings. Just like ethical ADHD Coaches don't walk up to complete strangers who have signs of ADD / ADHD and coach them, ethical mediums don't walk up to complete strangers and start reading them!

Monica the Medium is more of a show about a young woman who has not yet learned to manage her own life and her ADD / ADHD than a show representing typical mediums. Monica Ten-Kate does NOT represent any of the Psychic Mediums or Spirit Mediums who I know.

Tara McGillicuddy

The ADHD Psychic Indigo Connection

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I read the books The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived and The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children back in 2002, not too long after they were published. At the time I was trying to learn everything about ADD / ADHD that I could. I was open minded and could relate to much of the of what was being described. It made sense to me but as an overwhelmed, anxious, stressed 28 year woman with ADD / ADHD I didn't find the books helpful. So, they went to my ADD / ADHD bookshelf and collected dust for about a decade until they were donated.

Over the past few weeks I have seen a lot of people on social media linking to the article Some Psychologists Say ADHD Sufferers Are Actually ‘Indigo Children. The ADHD Indigo "Psychic" theory isn't really new. It's been around for at least a couple of decades. Since it's becoming popular again, I think it's time for me to begin to discuss my views and experiences. 

As an ADHD Coach and expert I can say I do believe there is a connection. I have spent the last 2 decades educating myself about ADD / ADHD and attended numerous ADD / ADHD conferences and events. I've gotten to know many people with ADD / ADHD too. I've gained an understanding from scientific and personal perspective.

Over the past 4 years I've been on a bit of spiritual journey or quest. I've taken several metaphysical type classes and attended spiritual events and conferences. Many of the Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives, and Healers that I've met have ADD / ADHD themselves. The stories many of these people tell are strikingly similar to many of the stories people with ADD / ADHD have shared too.

YES, I believe there is an ADD / ADHD "Psychic" Indigo connection. What does it mean? I'm not quite sure yet. I will be posting more on my blog as I learn. 

Tara McGillicuddy 

Planning, Productivity, Money and Medication

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AdhdradioMarch was a great month on ADHD Support Talk Radio. I was joined by 4 awesome ADHD guest Experts and we had 4 shows with interesting and helpful topics. If you haven't listened yet (or would like to listen again) you can listen by clicking the links below or by subscribing to ADHD Support Talk Radio as a podcast on iTunes.


March 2016 ADHD Support Talk Radio Shows:

 Thank you to my expert guests and to all my listeners!

If you have found ADHD Support Talk Radio helpful please leave a review on iTunes. Doing so will help more people find ADHD Support Talk Radio which will help more people with ADD / ADHD lead happier and more productive lives

I have some great guests and topics coming up in April and May! Be sure to Subscribe to ADHD Support Talk Radio as a podcast on iTunes so you can listen to all the upcoming shows.

ADHD Couples Seminar

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Melissa-150x150Struggling in Your Relationship? This Seminar Can Help…

If you and your partner are struggling the way that most couples impacted by ADHD are struggling, you are likely suffering through unnecessary pain.  Did you know that:

  • Research suggests that 50-80% of adults with ADHD can find treatment(s) that significantly improve their management of ADHD.  But you have to know how to optimize treatment to see these gains
  • It’s not all about ADHD – and couples where one or both partners think it is will continue to struggle rather than repair their relationship – for a VERY long time
  • Because of the ADHD and responses to ADHD, anger in your relationship is inevitable – until you learn very specific ways to change direction

You know that your problems won’t disappear tomorrow – if it were that easy you would have tamed them by now!  Which is why you need help from someone who has experience leading couples away from the hurt, anger and loneliness of ‘the ADHD Effect.’  Melissa Orlov's upcoming 8-week phone seminar can set you on the more loving and positive direction you seek.  I know Melissa – she has spoken at a number of times, and she has given her ADHD Effect In-Depth couples seminar by phone for more than 5 years.  It has helped many, many couples.  She says one common question she gets is "How do you know this stuff?!! Have you been a fly on our living room wall?"

I encourage you to consider registering for the upcoming session that starts this coming Monday, April 4th at 8:30pm eastern time.