Back on February 15 The Jane Pauley Show aired a wonderful show about Adult ADD. The main guest on this show was Dr Edward Hallowell, ADD expert and author of many books about ADD. After seeing so many talk shows give such unbalanced views and even incorrect information about ADD this show was a "breath of fresh air".

  I have been hearing so many positive things about this show since it aired. I, myself have been telling others what a great how it was too. I was so happy today when I received an email from the Hallowell Center letting me know that DVD of this show could now be ordered through them.

The information isn’t up on their site as of right now. I was sent an order form though which I have uploaded on my own website. If you are looking for a DVD about Adult ADD this is it!!!


ADD Adult

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    • panthergirl

      Thanks for this info. My 19 year old daughter definitely has ADD and probably should have been treated years ago. Her dad also has serious ADD issues, which may explain why it’s been hard to convince him that she’s needed treatment.

      Now, she’s living with him while she tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Because he’s having to deal with her ADD up close every day, he is willing to have her tested and treated. I am hoping that being on the proper medication will help her “get out of her own way”. I’m glad to have found this blog, and plan to read lots more so I can help her as well.

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