For the past several months I have been going back and forth about whether or not to start a Blog. While the idea itself sounds great as an adult with ADD I sometimes start things and kind of put them on the back burner. I have been familiar with personal Blogs for a while but it really didn’t interest me too much to get all sappy and emotional on-line. Complaining about how messy my desk is or telling the world the crazy things my cat did didn’t appeal to me much either

   I was introduced to a Professional Blog called What Works Online. I had an opportunity to work with this Website Developer over the past year so I knew he knew a lot about Internet Marketing. But as a Web Geek I became fascinated with his Blog as both a marketing tool and because of the content of it too. I learned a lot of new things and realized that I out sheer luck had been doing a lot of these to help market my own website.

  So now that some of my commitments have changed and I have a bit more time on my hands it seemed like the right to to start my own Blog. I just hope that I can keep up with the blog. Believe me I do have a whole to say about a whole lot of things. Let’s just hope that this Adult ADD Internet Guru remembers to update her Blog on a regular basis. 🙂

Tara McGillicuddy

Procrastination Expert

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    • Rich Brooks


      Thanks for the props! I was checking my blog stats this morning and saw a referrer I had never seen before from the forums at digital point. Tracked it back and found you…and your new blog!

      Congrats on getting your new blog up! I think I’ll go post to you right now!

      Best of luck…

      Rich Brooks

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