Ok, I have to admit that I am some what of a Reality TV Freak. As an ADD Coach myself, I became fascinated with the Show Starting Over when I 1st began watching it last year. The show is about 6 women who all live together in one house and are helped by Life Coaches.

Though I have become an avid fan over Starting Over I have been very disappointed at their treatment of Women with ADD  and the Women who show Signs of Adult ADD. This show could have helped to educate its audience about Adult ADD but they really missed the mark on this one.

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    • andrea d. wiener

      Hi, Tara!
      Yeah, I SO totally agree with you; “Starting Over” MISSED THE BOAT with Denise; this kid is as much ADD as I am–would have been a great opportunity for the show to educate about the true nature of ADD (thank God Dr. Stan knew what he was doing — GREAT idea to suggest that Denise create a schedule for herself; by the way, have you checked out Denise’s website?; it’s pretty good, especially with all the “tips” she’s learned about ADD!)

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