I hope to give more detailed reviews of most of the books I Survival_tips_3 have listed in the Living with ADD Bookstore. Since I have so many and I also have ADD choosing which one to start with wasn’t an easy thing for me. So, I decided to start with one that I actually helped with and that my name is mentioned in twice! So my 1st review on my blog is for Survivial Tips for Women with AD/HD by Terry Matlen. 

Ok, where do I begin? This book is filled with great tips from the ADD experts themselves, women with ADD. Women with ADD submitted some great tips about just about all type of daily living issues. Whether it’s ADD Friendly cooking advice or advice on how to pay bill on time it can be found in this book.

There are also some great tips from ADD Coaches and other ADD Professionals. For some reason while I was helping with this book I forgot to submit my own ADD Coaching Tips. Gee, I must have ADD…lol.

This book has a very ADD Friendly setup. As a person with ADD I think having a book with an ADD Friendly setup is just as important a the content in the book.

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    • Tanya

      I was diagnosed at the age of 25 it was after my daughter was born and my struggle to work and raise her on a day to day bases that made me search for a answer. My daughters babysitter had a son with add and told me I was a lot like him I then picked up a few books and read about the symptoms and stories. To read the books was like reading a bio on my life. Hey I was not stuipid, or lazy in school or just total wierd. It was so relieving, I tryed several herbal methods to treat myself and had success with that but as I got use to the change I wanted more help. I got the guts up to talk to my doctor, for fear he would think I was just some person looking for an excuss for being a real screwup. But to my suprise it was not like that, I then went through some testing and one of the tests was a symptom list of things I felt were symptoms. I got 9 out of the 10 symptoms. My doctor jokingly told me I only needed 6 out to 10 to have further testing. I now take sertraline and learning factors herbal omega three supplement, but the sertraline makes me drowsy so I take it in half doses to not have such and effect on the drowsyness.
      I have noticed in the last few years how much more information is coming out about adult add and it is very positive to see. My husband has add and my daughter is a high risk being that both parents have add, but we are letting her settle with the separation of her parents and are keeping an eye on her for future diagnosis if need be. In school I was labeled as being a lazy person, trouble maker with no respect for others and was told I have a learning disability and that I had to attend special classes for extra help. I can say it was definitly another marker that made me more different and did not help with my fitting in.
      Now the next step is changing my behavior and self esteem as I become a single mom and struggle with fitting in and people relations.
      Tanya Crosier

      TITLE: One woman’s answer to the chaos of ADHD
      URL: http://www.youraddnews.com/2005/07/one_womans_answ.html
      BLOG NAME: Your ADD / ADHD News
      DATE: 07/06/2005 11:05:16 PM
      DETROIT -What’s wrong with me? Terry Matlen often asked herself in her early days of motherhood. I wanted children so badly, but I was miserable, said Matlen, now 51, recalling the overwhelming emotions she felt

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