Trac I think that there are 2 things that no driver with Attention Deficit Disorder should be with out. The first is a roadside assistance plan like AAA. The second is a cell phone. What good is AAA if you do not have a cell phone to call them on?

Ok, I know that there are two main problems people with ADD can have when it comes to cell phones. The first is losing the cell phone itself. The second one is having trouble paying the cell phone bill. One or both of these problems may have happened in the past which may make getting a cell phone a challenge now.

This is why pre-paid cell phones like Tracfone are a great idea for people with ADD. There are no monthly bills and if you do lose your cell phone you don’t have to worry about somebody else finding it and make hundreds of dollars worth of calls on it. Reconditioned phones start at just $29.95 and come with 100 minutes.

The Tracfone probably isn’t for somebody who makes a lot of calls but it’s great for emergencies and if you make check in calls here and there. I have been using my tracfone for a few years and I have been very happy with it.

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