Girls Guide to AD/HDI thought it was about time to write another book review. I came across a wonderful book for Girls with ADD a few months ago. It’s called The Girls Guide to AD/HD – Don’t lose this book written by Beth Walker. The name of the book just about says it all. It’s a book that every girl or young woman with ADD should own.

The book actually brought tears to my eyes as I was reading it. This book would have really helped me while I was going through middle school and high school.The set up of the book is great and it filled with just the right ammount info that a girl with ADD needs to know. It also have some great tips which cover different aspects of ADD.

My advice is if you know a girl or young woman with ADD then go buy her this book now!!

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    • Mike

      Nice blog, guys! I am a guy and I have ADD. I normally don’t announce it but it is something I have been living with for my whole life. I don’t know how to really focus on one thing at a time but somehow everything falls into place. I was doing some research on digitalpoint and found this place and will keep revisiting 🙂


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