Sharp2 As an ADD Coach I am often asked about what type of PDA or Electronic organizer I recommend. Before I even come close to suggesting a PDA or organizer I ask my clients what it is they actually want to do with the PDA. Once they have answered this question I then ask if they may already own something that they could do this. Chances are that they may already have alarms and reminders built into a cell phone or another every day item.

If they want something that does a little more I usually recommend the Sharp 0Z-590A Personal Organizer which is a great little organizer for people who are just looking for a basic organizer and don’t need all the "bells and whistles" that come with most PDAs. This organizer can be synced with Microsoft Outlook too. Not only is the Sharp 0Z-590A Personal Organizer reasonably priced it’s also easy to locate lost accessories on places like Ebay.

Tara McGillicuddy

ADD Coach

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    • Abby

      PDAs have saved me. If it weren’t for my PDA, I would not be finishing up my Ph.D. in Psychology right now. I got my first one in my 2nd year of my program. This is now my 7th year, and in August, I will be Dr. Abby. I have had four Palms, but I recently switched to PocketPC, only because I can share software with my boyfriend, who got a PocketPC for free. Both Palm and PocketPC systems are excellent. I have slowly increased the amount I use mine, so even though the way I use it now seems complex, I have increased the complexity incrementally.

      Now, I use Pocket Informant software on my PocketPC and I use David Allen’s Getting Things Done Outlook Add-in with my Outlook. It is unreal how helpful these organizational tools are. I basically have no short-term memory, and I never would know where I was supposed to be without these things.

      Concerta + PDA = Functional and Prosperous Me!!

      (Oh, BTW, you are welcome to link to my blog post about ADD here if you’d like)

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