Packing for a trip no matter how long or short the trip is can be a nightmare for people with ADD. Many times we have the best of intentions to be all packed a head of time but before we know it it’s just about time to go. And, guess what we aren’t finished packing yet!!

  1. The first step is to relax and take a few deep breaths!
  2. Next make sure that you have the most important items like identification, money, and any tickets.
  3. If you are taking medication this should probably be next on your list.
  4. Make sure you have change of clothes for each day .
  5. Deodorant and tooth paste are probably the most important toiletries to pack.

If you have these main things than you are in good shape. Chances are if there is something that you forgot you can probably purchase in when you get to your destination.

Tara McGillicuddy

Packing Procrastinator

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    • Abby

      Haha. This is hilarious. Either I pack too far in advance and get completely obsessed or I’m racing around about to have a heart attack! I think I may actually prefer the latter!

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