Over the past several years I have been very active in educating people about Attention Deficit Disorder. Most of this has been done through websites and other internet related activities. In the past year or so I have also been educating people I meet about my job as an ADD Coach. Most of the time the people I talk to about being an ADD Coach are very interested are usually in one way or another connected to somebody who has Attention Deficit Disorder.

Yet, for all those people who are interested in learning about Attention Deficit Disorder there are a few who don’t believe in it or don’t want to learn about it. As tough as it is dealing with these people sometimes they are the ones to need to be educated the most about Attention Deficit Disorder. In my experiences with these people listening to why they feel the way they do can be very helpful in trying to educate them. I have come to learn that not all people can be educated about Attention Deficit Disorder the same way.

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