Completing daily tasks can be very challenging for many adults with ADD. Many times people with ADD get very overwhelmed and do not know where to begin because there just seems too much to do. Something that can be very helpful to people with Attention Deficit Disorder is using a daily task chart and checking each item once it gets completed. Listing the items to be completed in order that should be done can be helpful too but isn’t always necessary.

Daily Tasks Chart What I as an Adult with ADD and an ADD Coach have found very helpful in the past in using one chart per week. Going down the page I list the tasks I want completed each day and across the page I list the days of the week. I use a check mark when the items are completed and an "X" when they don’t get completed. I also found as I used this chart on a regular basis that some things don’t actually need to be done every single day. So if I only need to do something on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I black out the boxes for the other days.

I have provided an example of a Daily Task Chart that may be downloaded and used.

Tara McGillicuddy

ADD Coach

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    • Bubble UP

      I agree with your assessment on the challenge of completing daily tasks for those diagnosed with ADD. Could one of the reasons for the challenge be that many of those with ADD think in a visual/spatial dimension instead of the linear dimension that “things to do lists” are designed for? I would like to suggest that having the right tools are paramount to achieving the successful results desired. Adaptation of critical life skills, such as time management and goal setting, for those with ADD are not discussed enough and you are to be commended for keeping the topic current. We at Bubble UP! have designed a new personal time management tool keeping those with ADD in mind, the Bubble Planner. The design of the planner helps people with ADD manage life and time more effectively, since the Bubble Planner is designed to capture tasks and ideas in a non-linear/spatial way. Please feel free to contact us at for additional information or visit our website at

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