What’s the key to success for those with Adult ADD? Well, if I knew the ultimate answer to that question I’m sure I would be a very wealthy woman. But, I have learned that one skill that successful Adults with ADD have is being ables to delegate. These people have learned to focus on what is is they do well and find others to help them with the things they are not so good at.

Delegating can be a challenge for many with Adult ADD. First we actually have to figure out what it is we need done. Trying to figure out who to actually delegate the responsibilities can be a complex process too. Sometimes our emotions get in the way of being able to delegate too.

   As an ADD Coach this skill of delegating is something that I support clients with. ADD Coach can help a person with ADD figure out the the strengths and talents to focus on and which are things that maybe somebody else could do. An ADD Coach can also help a person with ADD figure out who the best person is to delegate these things to also.

Tara McGillicuddy

ADD Coach

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