Getting started on large projects can be quite a challenge for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. Quite often those with Adult ADD tend too only see on the big picture. It can be tough to realize that there are actually many small steps in completing projects. When people with Attention Deficit Disorder on see the beginning and the end this can be extremely overwhelming and many times the brain will shut down.

What can be very helpful to people with ADD is to break the project down in to sections or chunks before attempting it. It doesn’t even need to be step by step directions. Separating something into just 3 or 4 sections and writing those sections down can be extremely helpful to begin with. It can also be a great feeling of accomplishment for people with Attention Deficit Disorder to check off each section after it’s completed.

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    • Aurorealis

      It’s especially helpful to make lists when you’ve got a big project that lasts longer than a span of a few days. I use Microsoft Project to help me break it down into tasks and to timeline them. It helps me a lot!

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