Jwil Like so many other Americans I have followed the Jennifer Wilbanks Runaway Bride story. Unlike many people I was not angered and outraged when I learned the truth about what this woman did. I am by no means condoning what she did but this is a woman with some real emotional issues. She was a desperate woman whose brain was not functioning properly at the time she fled.

After watching the Jennifer Wilbanks – Katie Couric interview last night I started to wonder if Jennifer is a Woman with ADD. She definitely has a past history of acting impulsively. Like many people with ADD she was also a perfectionist. Like many adults who go undiagnosed with Adult ADD, she was also very overwhelmed by the whole college scene and dropped out.

I have no idea if in fact she does have Attention Deficit Disorder. I just really hope that those who are currently treating her at least look at the possibility.

Tara McGillicuddy

Woman with ADD

ADD Coach

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