For may people with Adult ADD procrastination is a major issue. Of course there are countless reasons why people with Attention Deficit Disorder procrastinate. Fear of failure is a very common reason for procrastinating. Being very overwhelmed by a task or project is also another reason people with ADD procrastinate. Another and often over looked reason is issues with prioritizing.

It’s not that people with Attention Deficit Disorder can’t prioritize at all. It’s just that often times the way people with Adult ADD prioritize doesn’t always help out in the long run. Many people with Attention Deficit Disorder use an instant prioritization system, meaning the priorities are based on the here and now. So, sitting in front of the computer surfing the net is a higher priority right now than organizing paperwork, or cleaning the bathroom.

Getting out of the habit of using the instant prioritization system takes time and practice. Getting support while doing this can also be very helpful too. Working with an ADD Coach to learn more effective ways of prioritizing can reduce the amount of procrastination and help people with Attention Deficit Disorder lead more productive live.

Tara McGillicuddy

ADD Coach

    5 replies to "Prioritizing and Procrastination"

    • cube

      Hi, I meant to comment earlier, but I kept putting it off…

      I just blew in through BE & I’m kidding BTW.

    • carolyn j. crawford

      no help in texas for 39 year old ADHD/ld mother. ADD/ADHDis not noticed as a serious illness? well it is to me, my mind is constantly on fast forward all day. i cant stop it, i think think think my brain never gets a rest. The mental health clinics do not treat add/adhd. i must locate a doctor in austin texas, to help me.

    • Suzanne Wall

      Hi,I have been diagnosed by a phyciatrist with adhd. I am 35 years old and I seem to have all of the symptoms that everyone else has. Its like Im stupid at times, like I am not paying attention and I forget things all the time. It is really affecting my life and I dont know how I am going to get through the rest of my life with this terrible disability.


    • Pam

      Procrastination: When I first learned this word as a teenager, I thought, “That’s what Mom is.” At age 50, I was diagnosed with A.D.D. So, I’m not lazy, crazy, stupid or poorly raised. What relief! Three coaches haven’t cured me of using the instant prioritization system or of surfing the net admidst chaos. Your site, though, looks promising. Checking it out is my new top priority.

    • Karen Gilbert

      I was diagnosed ADD last yearI’m 44. I can’t get my husband to understand that I am trying to do everything the right way but I have so much on my plate I get overwelmed. i am taking care of my 2 of 7 grandchildren, trying to find rehabs for their mother, do the everyday chores, take my granddaughter to school etc. I showed him this web site and I am hoping it will help. gotta run

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