I came across a great show the other day while channel surfing. Since it was on  Discovery Home which is way up in the 100’s on my digital cable it was by chance that I found it. The show is called "Neat" and it’s about a professional organizer who goes into cluttered homes and helps the people become "neat".

I have seen the shows Mission Organization and Clean House which are on the same idea as Neat. They don’t seem as ADD Friendly to me as Neat since both of those shows have people sell their stuff through yard sales. Don’t get me wrong yard sales can be great, but they have quite a few steps invloved which may not be easy for people with ADD.

Then there’s the show How Clean is Your House?. The two women on it are just so mean that I refuse to watch. People with ADD already feel bad that their homes are a mess. They don’t need these women to shame them even more!

I was really impressed with the show Neat. Professional Organizer and host Hellen Buttigieg really knows her stuff. She understands they way people process information and set up systems which work with they way they process. She realized that one of the woman she helped was a visual person and that the dresser in her bedroom didn’t work for her. Instead of trying to get her to use the dresser they got rid of it and set up a system worked her.

Tara McGillicuddy

ADD Coach

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    • Ruben Salazar

      Just opening up your homepage has helped me alot. I used to think that everyone had a different way of viewing the world and I had my own. Now I see that there are others who think like I do and that is nothing to be ashamed of, that their is not anything that I did to make me the way I am. It feels great. Thank you.

    • Gary Maguire

      The teachers at my son’s primary school have mentioned today that he is showing signs of add, I started to research what this is and it has blown my mind. He gets it from me!!!! I am everything that is mentioned here (I am a 38 yo male)and have always known I was different but could not understand why I have always felt unfullfilled. I am a human dynamo and when I have an Idea my focus is 1000% For a short while then move on to the next project. I have managed to use this to my own advantage . School report says and I’m sure there are many add suffers that have the same phrases, Verbally Gary is a genius, but his written work is atrocious. I excelled in Physics, Art, and Music (but only in short intense bursts)and up till now did not understand why. Thanks for being my enlightment, I am now going to devour you web site, must stop writing now (bored)

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