Running a blog when you have Adult ADD can be a huge challenge. I know I should probably look at the successes I have had with my blog. Like many others with Attention Deficit Disorder my first thoughts are too look at what I think I "should" do with my blog instead of what I have done. I have been successful and I like so many people with Attention Deficit Disorder need to remind myself of that.

My ADD Blog has been up and running since March of 2005. Since then I have in fact been updating it on somewhat of a regular basis. I have made at least 2 blog entries a month too. Thanks in part to What Works Online a great Blog by Rich Brooks, I have also learned quite a lot about blogging. I also think that My ADD Blog has been helpful to people affected by Attention Deficit Disorder.

So instead of feeling guilty about the fact that I don’t blog quite as often I as a might like to, I now have a feeling of accomplishment. Blogging more often is something that I can work towards too. I know that not everybody with Attention Deficit Disorder has a blog, but we all face similar situations. Sometimes it can be very helpful to stop and look at what we have done instead of what we should do.

Tara McGillicuddy

Blogging ADD Coach

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