I am so sick of being sent email scams where somebody is trying to get my credit card information. I usually just forward the emails to the abuse department of what ever company the email is pretending to be from and go about the rest of my day. However I got one today that just really set me off. Maybe it’s because in the past week I have also been bombarded with the Sober Worm that keeps being sent to me too.

The one I got today claimed to be from Amazon and claimed that they had reason to believe that somebody was trying to use my account to illegally sell items on Amazon. They claim that they are investigating this situation and that I need to confirm my identity with Amazon. They provide a link for me to go to and log into my Amazon account. The link in the email itself appears to go to amazon.com but actually takes those who click on it to tot-amz2.com. However the page looks just like Amazon and has actual links to Amazon.

Those people who think this is really from Amazon will sign in . This will give the scammers their Amazon account name and password. From there they are supposed enter their credit card info which will give the scammers their credit card info too. Even if the person gets to the second screen and realizes that being asked for an ATM pin number is a little odd the scammer already have the Amazon account info and can do some damage with that info.

So does this have anything to with Attention Deficit Disorder? I think it does. Many people with ADD can be impulsive. A person with Adult ADD may be more inclined to act on this type of email and be scammed. Somebody with Adult ADHD may be more likely to click in the link instead of going directly to the Amazon site and then logging into their account.

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