As both an ADD Coach and a woman with Attention Deficit Disorder I am getting more and more frustrated with the show Starting Over. Once again there are current guests in the house with ADD. TJ is officially diagnosed with ADHD and the show has addressed it. They really don’t seem to be very educated or equipped to deal with TJ’s ADHD but they are at least recognizing that it’s a real issue.

Then there’s poor Lisa. This woman has almost no skills and gets so overwhelmed trying to do what seems like easy tasks. She just ends up shutting down and getting even more frustrated with herself. An ADD Coach or a life coach who understands ADD would have recognized this and tried to help Lisa break things down. Instead of this the Coaches and Psychologist on Starting Over just make Lisa feel even worse about not being able to complete assignments.

What’s it going to take for these so called professionals on Starting Over to realize when these women in the house show signs of a condition like ADHD?

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    • Ruth McIntosh

      Tara, it will take an ADD coach on the writing staff of the show.

      And then, down the road, to be funny, they will make fun of ADD treatment like they do of 12-step programs. I really think the script writers are so screwed up they don’t know what’s what. And probably lots of them have ADD, too.

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving. We know how … just laugh when you burn three turkeys to a crisp … the story will last for years, and nobody at the church went hungry, and we got the smoke aired out before dinnertime with plenty of ionizers … and I was the pastor when I cooked them! How was I supposed to know you couldn’t leave electric roasters cooking overnight like you do a Turkey in a Sack (the best recipe ever).

    • shedrick simmons

      hwy i wanted to know what was the song from the theme song of the show “starting over” 2003

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