I often come across the phrase that people "use this or that as a crutch". Recently I have seen quite a few people referring to using the diagnosis of ADD as a crutch. When this is has been said it has a negative connotation towards it. It almost as if these people are saying that people are using the diagnosis or label of Attention Deficit Disorder as an excuse. An excuse is not the same thing as a crutch.

A crutch is something that helps support a person. A person uses a pair of crutches to help him or her walk when there is something preventing him or her from walking correctly. Maybe people are in fact using the Attention Deficit Disorder as a crutch. For many people being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder does support them. They finally have a reason for why their brains work they way the do and from there can learn better ways manage their lives.

So maybe if people are actually using the term crutch correctly then the label of ADD is a crutch.

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    • Lily

      I get so tired of people saying stuff like “Oh, everyone forgets things, or that is just how life is for everyone”. I have found about having ADD and/or mental illness that people donot want to face that someone may have a real disturbance. They want to just say they are like everyone else.

      My daughter is bipolar and it has caused horrendous problems in our family but people just say “Oh, she is just rebelling etc. About my ADD they just want to treat me as if I am just making excuses or making it all up.

      I understand that they don’t get it and they have not educated themselves regarding these types of problems. I actually think of ADD as an asset in many ways, but I also must deal with it’s problems. I can’take meds because I have a heart problem and can’t take stimulants. I don’t think I want to take meds anyway because I value my creativity as an artist and writer. I realize that some people are very helped by them and some aren’t. I believe it is up to the individual and that there are no exact rules for this.

      I just get tired of people trying to insist that I can do some things that I know from effort and experience that I am not cut out for-like working a cash register in Wal Mart or something. Some people with ADD may be good at this one, depending on how it affects them, but I know for certain this is not my area of ability. Yet people try to practically force me to go for things like this that I have tried and tried to do without success and that I don’t care to do.

      I guess many of you know how I feel. Thank you, Lily

    • Crazy Like A Fox

      I have a son who has ADHD and he is on meds but I am also trying to teach him methods that can help him deal with Attention Deficit so that maybe he will not have to depend on medicine as an adult.

      I have problems with people feeling the need to put their two cents in regarding my son’s ADHD. I am constantly being told that I should try this herbal supplement or try that method of discipline. Everybody seems to think they are an expert on ADD, when half the time they haven’t done the research.

      I do find though that he tends to use his ADD as an excuse for his bad behavior. But that is just part of being a teenager. I don’t let him get away with it though. After all, he still knows the difference between right and wrong.

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