Like many other people with Attention Deficit Disorder I really do not like deadlines. I know intellectually that deadlines are in fact needed. If we didn’t have them we would probably never get thing done.

What I dislike more than deadlines is Ambiguous or confusing deadlines. Is to be done or handed in I need a specific date. I was recently under a deadline and the way it was presented to me made my ADD Brain go crazy.

It was prensented to me that the due date was December 18th but a two week extension could be given. Then it was also stated that it would be accepted no later than January 2nd. Ok, I know it should be in by the 18th. Since I have ADD I tend to procrastinate so 2 weeks from the 18th sounds a lot better in my mind. January 2nd is even so that is the date that is going to stick in my ADD Brain.

Why couldn’t this person just have said it’s due on December 18th and if there is a problem to contact him? Why do people have to make things more complicated than they have to be?

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    • Jessica

      Ugh! Gf, I hear ya! That used to drive me crazy at work. It’s like, Make a decision! lol

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    • Dawn


    • m

      How about the NYC favorite, “as soon as possible”? Just like the other 10 thousand things with THAT EXACT SAME DEADLINE!!!

      You know, I’ve beaten this horse in a few other places, but ADHD is NOT the only pathology in the busines world. There are quite a few passive aggressives and sociopaths (who are senior and executive vice presidents at very big companies and hwo otherwise test as “normal”) walking around making our lives really difficult.

      And then we get blamed for it.


    • m

      1) “Business” world, not “busines” world.

      2) “Who”, not “hwo”.

      Note to self: proof before posting.


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