Swiffer I openly admit that house keeping and cleaning are not strengths of mine. Though I have really thought about hiring somebody to come in and clean my home I haven’t taken that step yet. One of the tasks that I avoiding doing quite often is mopping my kitchen floor. It’s not that I hate the mopping itself it’s all the steps that lead up to the mopping and after the mopping that I don’t like.

I know the steps seem simple enough but usually are not easy for me:

Get out Mop:  Sometimes I do put the mop back where it belongs. What sometimes happens is that the last time I used the mop I forgot to rinse it out properly. So then I usually need to go out an purchase a new mop. I won’t even get into how much time energy is invloved when I go shopping for a mop.

Fill up Sink or Bucket: As you may have guessed I sometime have trouble locating my mopping bucket. My sink well, it usally had dirty dishes in to. So there are numerous steps invloved in emptying the sink to be able to fill it with water and floor cleaner.

I don’t think I really need to go on about how invloved any of the other steps can get. I think I have gotten that point accross.

Well, I found a great tool to help me skip most of the steps and just mop. It’s the Swiffer and the Swiffer wet pads. I just put the wet pad on the Swiffer and mop away!

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    • KathyCR

      actually, even better than this is the Swiffer wet jet. forget about keeping the bottle of cleaner filled…that’s an extra expense to buy yet anothe proprietary product, but the PADS are a technological wonder….I’ve always hated pads and sponge mops cuz they just push the dirt into a nice solid line that you have to then wipe up separately.

      These pads are like a one way osmosis…the dirt goes in, and gets held inside. It is incredible!! I use my own sprayer, which I find easier than the jet trigger anyway.

    • Tara McGillicuddy

      I tried the wet jet and it worked pretty well. I just like wet pads better because all I have to do it just reach in the container. This way I don’t need to worry about having some type of cleaning solution either.

    • Ann Potter

      oh do I know where you are coming from! I like swifter dust pads too — the only thing is I have to remember to buy the wet mop ones!

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