Nonadd Living With ADD When You’re Not the One Who Has It is a great new book by Mimi Handlin. For quite some time spouses and partners of adults with ADD have been looking for resources specifically geared towards them. Until the book Living With ADD When You’re Not the One Who Has It came out, resources for non-ADD spouses and partners were scarce. This book offer tips and strategies for partners of those with ADD.

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    • Steve

      ADD is just an excuse for kids to behave badly and their parents to do nothing to rectify the situation.
      To claim to “have it” as an adult is just silly.
      There’s no medical basis for behaving badly – it’s just a lack of intelligence and a poor upbringing.

    • Tara McGillicuddy


      I take it you have not taken the time to try and educate yourself about AD/HD.

    • Bill Dueease


      Why do you associate bad behaving children with them having ADD? I know far more children who behave badly who do not have ADD. I also know many people, both children and adults who definitely have ADD and behave very well.

      People do not behave badly or well because they do or do not have ADD. Having ADD is not silly.

      Having ADD is a Blessing! I love it and so do my two children with ADD.

    • sherie

      My son was just diagnosed in Jan. he has struggled since 2nd grade and is now in 7th grade. he has never and I underscore NEVER had a comment on any report card stating that he was a behavior problem. That was the problem.. he never got the attention he needed because he was such a good kid. everyones friend. Now here we are in junior high tring to give him back the lost years. You have judged not only my son but all with ADD. How dare you do that to my son and all the others.

    • Luwana

      I used to think my daughter was the baddest child on the face of the earth but I one day siad to myself, no child could be this bad. I began to do some research and I documented everything she did and had the teacher document everything she did while in school. I then researched some meds and I found one or two hat I wanted to try. The first was Concerta, it’s been almost 5 years and she is doing great. When I say 360 degrees…I mean it. She does have the bedwetting issues but I am just so happy that she is focused in school and not into everything that she was…we can work on that. She is getting A’s in school, no talking and moving and hitting all day…things are GREAT!!

    • La Juana

      We will excuse Steve for his ignorance because ADD is still new to a lot of people.As a matter of fact, based on his comments we can gather that he is definitely not in a position to judge anyone.
      ADD may not be as challenging as someone who is Bipolar or has schezophrenia, but we still have battles of maintaining stability, staying organized, and overcoming constant distractions.
      In case he didn’t know, ADD is a documented disability that is recognized by the Social Security and other state offices as far as getting resources for counseling, vocational assistance, etc.
      As far as the comment about the child behaving badly, It is not a reason to let your child get away with everything. In dealing with a child with ADD, you have to correct them in a way that won’t make them feel inferior because they don’t always make the right choices. Instead of wasting space on this message board, try commenting on something like the countless cases of child abuse that is happening as a result of a parent that thinks like you instead of seeking professional help. If not handled the right way, a child can feel like they can’t do nothing right and that could result in low self esteem.

      TITLE: Help for Husband with ADD
      BLOG NAME: My ADD / ADHD Blog
      DATE: 05/23/2007 11:36:03 AM
      I recently recently received this email from a woman whose husband has ADD.My husband has ADD along with a learning disability. His parents and I continously encourage him to do things (lists, structure, meds, coaching

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