It is getting close to Valentine’s Day and this can be a frustrating time for many adults with ADD. To many, Valentine’s Day is about making that grand romantic gesture that involves planning and organization. Making a reservation for that romantic Inn need to be done months in advance, some restaurant reservations need to be made weeks in advance, getting flowers delivered need to be made days in advance, and it can be overwhelming for anyone trying to buy a present and a card on Valentine’s Day itself. However, there are ADD friendly ways to reduce your stress and avoid the romantic dog house.

1. There is nothing more romantic than getting a creative hand made card or a hand written love letter telling your loved one how special they are. This is a gesture requires a little planning, but something that could be prepared on Valentine’s Day itself.

2. You could have a conversation with your loved one about your difficulty with planning that special day. If you acknowledge that you are overwhelmed when it comes to planning a romantic evening, perhaps your loved one will help you plan a day to remember.

3. I think it is important to think about why you feel so much pressure to make the grand romantic gesture. Adults with ADD can be challenging to live with. Perhaps you know that your lover does more than their fair share when it comes to the relationship. Now is the time to have a conversation to figure out what your partner does for your relationship and things you could do to make their life easier.

Guest Author John MacKenzie.

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