When I checked my email this morning I received something from somebody who works for NBC’s Today Show. They are planning do to a segment this coming Tuesday about adult ADD. Later in the day I ended up talking to somebody from the show on the phone and found out the show is going to be about how ADD affects relationships.

I was asked some questions about how how having ADD affects my relationship with my husband. For the most part I said that education about ADD has been very important to both my husband and me. She also spoke with my husband who talked about frustration before both of us really began to learn about Attention Deficit Disorder.

They don’t know yet if they will use us for the show. I have a feeling we may be a bit too boring for TV since we actually get along with each other.


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    • KathyCR

      I sent this e-mail to the Today Show

      I understand you will be doing a segment on how add affects relationships, so I thought I’d put my two cents worth in (as usually, I’m off task…I am at work, e-mailing the Today Show..distracted by an e-mail I got on the upcoming segment!)

      I am 45 years old, and only last year was finally diagnosed with ADD. I was reflecting to a friend recently that in some ways, I feel like I should be in a 12 step program…not because ADD is my fault, but because having undiagnosed ADD for so long has lead to damage to relationships, that need to be healed.

      I am not married, or living with anyone, but many friends and some family have felt I did not care because I didn’t remember to ask about some crisis going on in their lives that they told me about last week, didn’t write (or write back), forgot birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, didn’t acknowledge the passing of a loved one, or if I moved away, wasn’t intentional about keeping contact.

      What they don’t know, is that in most cases, I BOUGHT a card or gift, but misplaced it or forgot to mail it, or couldn’t find their address….and then it was soo late it was too embarrassing, or needed too much explanation. Or I started making a special gift and never finished….or have started 10 letters that never got mailed. At the very least I’ve thought about them often, but it never translated into completed action…..other stuff comes up, and I forget. I say I’ll do it later, and I forget. I need one more little piece to the project, and I forget. But I don’t’ forget them….they come to minde, I wonder how they are doing, even pray for them…they just don’t ever see the evidence.

      Now that I’m on medication, I’m in the process of picking up the pieces of all those lost opportunities to connect. Finishing a wedding gift I started in time for a 20th anniversary, being intentional about reconnecting with friends, no matter how long it has been, helping people understand why things were the way they were before, and my desire to change.

      But it is also scary, because change won’t happen all at once, and I’m afraid of their expectation that they will. If they don’t see a huge change, will they think it is just going to be more of the same?

      I’m medicated now, but that doesn’t change years of “maladaptive” behavior and habits that have grown up around my disability…procrastination, indecision, perfectionism, clutter of thought and physical surroundings. It will take time. But I am committed to the process for the sake of healed relationships…and the hope of new relationships that I can welcome into my life, once I’ve made room.

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