Yesterday the Washington Post discussed Adult ADD. They Started off with the article I Said, ‘Honey, Are You Listening to Me?’. They also had a chat session with Dr Thomas Brown. The transcript is available to Washington Post readers.

Hats off to the Washington Post!!!


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    • Robert


      Howie Mandel actually said.. he has OCD…..

      He actaully credits his OCD with his comic genius……(for those who find him funny:):):)

    • Dovid

      Deal or No Deal,

      No I don’t watch that program it’s stupid. I did however hear about Howie saying he had ADD so I wonder if it’s true, too. Besides I haven’t seen Howie since he was on “St. Elsewhere”, the old medical program.

      Keep up the good work on offering advice and etc. it really helps me personally.


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