Women with Attention Deficit Disorder

Bookm_2 A new revised version of the Book Women with Attention Deficit Disorder came out recently. Along with great information about Women with Attention Deficit Disorder it has some new resources. I was exicted when I noticed that Sari Solden listed my own Living with ADD web site as one of those resources.


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  • Michael Sandler

    Reply Reply May 12, 2008

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for this post here. If you’re still doing a lot of ADD blogging and would like to review my new audiobook: College Confidence with ADD, let me know.

    You can hear a sample of it at http://www.TheCreativeLearningInstitute.com or http://www.ADDCollegeConfidence.com.

    However, if you’re still doing the frequent blogger thing, I can get you a reviewer copy/download for free.

    Thanks again, and no matter what, never, EVER give up chasing those dreams!!!


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