I was planning to write a book review for April’s Living with ADD book of the month Fidget to Focus. But in true ADD Style I can’t find the book. I have read the book and really like it but it’s been a couple of months since I last looked through it. I know as soon as I bite the bullet and purchase another copy of Fidget to Focus it will show up!

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    • Carol Griffin

      I have a way that has helped me keep my house in order I would like to share with others. How would I go about doing this?

    • Valerie McClintock

      Oh gosh! I have the same problem. Usually, I will put some important thing, perhaps an important piece of paper, a CD I want to share with a friend, or something I need to access, and put it somewhere safe. That’s the kiss of death! I never seem to be able to find it again. I was joking with my therapist that one day my “somewhere safe” will be found and it will contain a cache of goodies from my life, my own time capsule. I just hope I’m the one who finds it.

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