Finding a sense of balance can be challenging for many of us with Adult ADD. Sometimes the word balance scares people because they think balance means that each area of their life must be equal. Balance is not about making each area of your like equal. It’s more about making sure that you focus enough on each area of your life in order to lead a happy productive life. An ADD Coach can help people with ADD find balance in their lives.

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    • Terry Matlen

      That is so true. Finding balance, especially when you have ADD, is a real challenge. I love internet related stuff too and can- and do- spend many hours a day online when there are so many other things begging for my attention.

      What I’ve found is that some of the things we HATE to do sometimes really only takes a short time to do. Like clearing my desk. I’ll put it off until it becomes a danger zone. But once I finally tackle it, I’m amazed that it really didn’t take 20 hours to do! We need to remind ourslelves of that.

      And getting help in doing the things we just can’t do. If I didn’t have a house cleaner, my house would either be a total pig sty, or I’d be cleaning all day, ever day, because of getting so distracted. Neither is a good option!

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