I mentioned recently in my Practicing Self-Care post that I am an INFP. I remembered reading a blog post some place a few month back about ADD and INFP’s but forgot to bookmark the post. Needless to say I forgot about it. Today I did a search on Google for INFP Blog and came across the post INFP=ADD=Depression? which was the post I forgot about. If you are an INFP with ADD I highly suggest taking a look at it. Whilte I was visiting the main blog page I learned that there is a new Yahoo Group for INFPs with ADD.


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    Whats does INFP mean?


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    TITLE: I always wanted to be an ice skating stand-up comedian.
    BLOG NAME: So I Married an ADDer
    DATE: 05/18/2006 12:39:09 PM
    Inspired by Tara’s blog, Jen took the Myers-Briggs personality assessment and convinced me to do the same. What a picnic that was, let me tell you! As it turns out, I’m slowly driving myself crazy, which isn’t all that surprising.

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