For quite some time now I have been hearing the term “self-care” but never really thought much about the meaning of the term. Fellow ADD Coach Jennifer Koretsky talks a lot about practicing proper self-care. Well I am actually able to say that this past weekend at the ADDA Conference I actually did practice self-care.

This year the conference was quite different for me since I had a table to exhibit Since I am an INFP I realized that interacting with hundreds of people during the conference, though beneficial and enjoyable, was as going to take a lot out of me. Because I knew this I made sure that I took care of myself by getting enough sleep and giving myself enough quiet time.

In past years I let the excitement of the conference get in the way of my own self-care. This is something that many people with ADD tend to do. Being able to practice self-care and live a balanced life is a skill that many people with ADD including myself tend to let slide by. This is something that as both an ADD Coach and a Woman with ADD I plan looking at more closely in both my clients and in myself.

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