A lot of people with ADD are quick to jump to conclusions or make ASSumptions. This can be related to a impulsivity and past experiences. A lot of people with ADD are quite intuitive and go with the instinct. Instinct and intuition can be great tools but people with ADD need to take things a step further.

Question20mark As a ADD Coach one of the skills I use is to ask clarifying questions to my clients. I can’t just ASSume something about my clients. Also, sometimes the message I hear isn’t always the same message my clients are trying to get across to me. So instead of ASSuming I ask questions to make sure I am on the same page as my clients. 

Clarifying questions can be used in everyday life situations. People with ADD can use clarifying questions when communicating with others. They can also ask themselves clarifying questions before making an ASSumption that may very well be inaccurate.

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