For those people who know me or are some what familiar with me then you probably know that I am one of those "computer geeks". I do a lot of stuff online and am somewhat of an expert in computer mediated communication. I enjoy using technology and am amazed at how much it can help people.

Because I have such a interest in computers many people (including myself at first) assume that I would naturally use a PDA. The funny thing is that I don’t use a PDA. I do use some tools one the computer that help me but I actually use a paper planner. As much as I try to avoid paper the process of actually writing things down really helps me remember and better process things.

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    • Michael Sparks

      I don’t think I would live without a PDA (or Blackberry now) I put stuff in the calendar and then set the reminder at an appropriate time. The the thing gives me a ring or message when I need to do something. I think I would have forgotten a lot of appointments without.

      Even remembering to give the dog heart worm, change the air filters in the house and change the water filter on the fridge. All set up to reminders.

      Plus if there is something that I need to remember to do when I get home I can email myself, and it’s sitting right there when I get home. It’s nice.

    • Ann Potter

      I am a mix of high and low tech. I use my phone’s calendar feature and reminder alarms, a drug store giveaway calendar in my date/phone book, two wall calendars and a steno pad to make lists and jot down long range plans. — It all works fine until I misplace one thing or the other but almost always I have listed things in two places and life can go on.

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