I think it’s about time for another book review since the last one I wrote was back in April. I am going to write a bit about the Book Journeys Through ADDulthood by Sari Solden.

This is a great book for those with Adult ADD. One thing that makes this book different than other books about Adult ADD is that Sari Solden talks about there being 3 different stages or Journeys that Adults with ADD go through.

Journey 1

  • Living in two Different Worlds
  • Roadblocks After Initial Treatment

Journeys Through ADDulthoodrJourney 2

  • Seeing Your "Self" Clearly
  • Reaching True Acceptance
  • Facing and Identity Crisis
  • Resolving the Identity Crisis

Journey 3

  • Protecting Your "Self" in the World
  • Organizing Your "Self" in the World
  • ADDing Connection to Protection
  • Communicating for Connection

Then the end of the Journey is: Measuring Success from the Inside.

I think from both a personal and professional standpoint that Journeys Through ADDulthood by Sari Solden is a wonderful book. I truly identify with the book and the Journeys.

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    • Terry Matlen, ACSW

      Hi Tara,

      I love this book, too. She takes a spin on things that others don’t write about, but which make so much sense.

      I really love the part about the “Crisis of Success”. It taught me a LOT about how, even when things are going right, things can still go wrong, in our personal script of things. But then she tells us what to do about it.

      Great book- thanks for profiling it.

      Terry Matlen, ACSW


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