I think sometimes is can be very challenging for people with ADD to actually value their time. Much of this has to do with the fact that many people with ADD have trouble keeping track of time. It’s hard to value time when you don’t even know how much time it takes to do something.

Value Your TimeWith the price of gas going up you always hear about people driving out of the way to find the best deal on gas. Besides the fact that in order to get a lot of these deals you need to use gas to get there you also have to use time. What else could you have been doing with your time? Is the extra 30 minutes of travel worth the few dollars that you may be saving?

What about being charged extra by mistake at a store? Is the time that we have to spend in line at the service desk really worth it? I guess that may depend on whether we were over charged by 25 cents or 25 dollars?

What is your time worth to you?

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    • Ann

      Well at work it’s currently worth 10 to 25.oo dollars an hour or 30.00 to 50.00 per art class I teach in my part time jobs 😉

      The the hardest thing is staying focused with a 5 year old who is naturally distractable talking to you while you are trying to focus her and concetrate yourself etc.. and my husband thinks I don’t need to take my adderal! ( yeah right)

      what I hate ist the feeling that I have wasted 20 years since grad school not doing art because it is so easy not to do it if it isn’t on a deadline, or only on one I’ve made for myself. Which is sad considering I am cheating myself ie not valuing my time for me or my goals.
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