Many adults with ADD tend to be quite intuitive. Many people with ADD also have issues with self esteem which can sometimes get in the way of listening to their intuition. In my own life I honestly can’t remember a time when my intuition has been wrong. If I get a funny feeling about a person there is always a reason why. This doesn’t mean I have always listened to my intuition though either.

There is a difference between listening to your intuition and just acting impulsively. You can still listen to your intuition and follow the 24 Hour Rule. When you are trying to make your final choice remember the feeling you first got about this choice. What did your gut tell you? Add to that how realistic your choice would be and what type of consequences can come from it.

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    • Leslie McCue

      I recommend reading Blick (or listen to on tape)…its all about intuition and tests they’ve done that show how accurate it is. I thought it was really interesting. With ADD…books aren’t always the easiest for me to read but I do listen to them …I go to…then download to my ipod…voila!


    • Leslie McCue

      sorry…the book is Blink

    • chris

      “There is a difference between listening to your intuition and just acting impulsively.”

      Just found your site last week. That part really made me think. There’s such a fine line between going with the flow, shooting from the hip, and really listening to the voice inside.

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