I was recently involved in a group led by somebody who exhibited several ADD characteristics. While this person is highly creative and intelligent he is also impulsive and a perfectionist. This person says what ever comes to his mind with out taking into consideration how his words actually affect others around him. Several members of this group including myself were quite upset by the way this man treated us.

1people006 I don’t think person’s intentions are to hurt other with his words. He just doesn’t realize how he is impacting those around him. This situation got me thinking about my own ADD and if I am truly aware how my ADD affects those around me. My words may not sting those around me like this person’s but I know I have other behaviors which affect people around me.

As negative as this recent experience was it has helped me to become more aware of my own behavior. Sometimes I, like many others with ADD, can forget that I don’t just live in my own little world. We are connected to the world around us.

Are you aware of how your ADD affects others?

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    • Terry Matlen


      That’s a great reminder; to ask ourselves how our ADD might be affecting those around us- A good habit to start and to keep up with.

      I know I drive people nuts with my indecision. It seems that each option has equal plusses and minuses for me, which often causes me to freeze. Even choosing something off a menu can be a major event.

      Thanks for reminding me/us to be mindful of how our behaviors might affect others.



    • michelle

      I found out how my behavior affects others after I began councelling. It really made me take inventory of myself.
      I try very hard to be aware of my behavior. What I had most trouble with was my anger. If something or someone really got me mad, I was very impulsive with my response. It would usually contain bad language also. The 24hour rule worked very well in these situations. That is what I started to do. I would remove myself from the situation so I could think more clearly without anger. It has worked out well. I also feel better about myself. Because, when I did fly off the handle,I would get mad at myself for making a fool of myself.

    • Adele Hirschmann

      Although I’ve improved considerably since my diagnosis, I’m still having trouble with this issue, especially dealing with anger in a public setting and when I’m not taken seriously. I “hold it in” and withdraw most of the time, but, when pushed to the limit, I can fly off the handle. This has cost me the respect of many people, especially with those who are above me in social and professional status whose circle I am trying to enter. I also freeze up when it comes to making decisions, especially when there are multiple things on my mind or “to do” list of equal priority.
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