Great Reminder System

Reminder systems are very important for people with ADD. I know that sometimes one system isn’t enough for me. For example I have been using Microsoft Outlook for quite some time. After a while I just keep pressing snooze and pretty much ignore the reminders. Also there are times when I forget that I don’t…

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The ADD Coaching Club

Well, I haven’t been great about blogging lately partially because I have been busy working on different projects. One of the projects I have been working on that is almost ready to be launched is the ADD Coaching Club. After several years of ADD Coaching and listening to people in the ADD community I think I have come up with a program that will be beneficial and accessible to people with Adult ADD

To learn more about the ADD Coaching Club and get notified when we begin accepting members go to and sign up for the mailing list.

Tara McGillicuddy

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Is Your Way Okay?

In talking to many people with ADD I have come to realize that there are pretty much 2 schools of thought then it comes to way people with ADD do things. Some people have the "My Way or the Highway" approach. Then others try to do things the same way as everybody else because they…

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Attention Deficit Disorder Carnival #19

Here is a listing of some of the top posts from ADD & ADHD blogs for last month. Patch Day 2 ADHD Post Funny Stories About Life With ADD Thriving on Chaos Parents Pushing For Stimulants To Help With Grades? The Brilliance Of An ADHD / ADD Entrepreneur What dads need to know if you…

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ADDitude Magazine

If you have been thinking about subscribing to ADDitude Magazine but haven’t done it yet, September is a great time to subscribe. Amazon is giving away $5 gift certificates to people who subscribe to ADDitude Magazine during the month of September.

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